Cohabiting couples need basic legal protection

The myth of the common law marriage has been in the papers again recently with as many as two in three couples believing that common law marriages exist. 

Currently, there are almost no rights for cohabiting couples, despite this being the fastest growing family type in England and Wales. 

I often speak to clients who have been living with their partners for some time and are simply not aware of their rights, or lack thereof. 

Government continue to be lobbied to make changes to the currently law but with mounting pressure in other areas of family law, we are still waiting for any changes to be made. 

If you are cohabiting, it is essential to be aware of your legal position and take advice. 

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Society is changing, but sadly the law lags behind. A recent survey showed as many as two in three cohabiting couples were unaware that there is no such thing as “common law marriage” in England and Wales. These couples mistakenly believe they have the same legal and financial rights and protections as married couples.

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